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Pure sine wave inverter 1000W/2000W, cigarette lighter and battery connection

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The best inverter is a pure sine wave inverter

The best inverter for cottage use, RV, solar panel or anything with a 12V battery. The inverter changes the 12V voltage into 230V voltage. This way you can charge, for example, a computer or a camera anywhere.

Includes 1 230V socket and 2 USB connectors for e.g. phone charging.

The inverter has undervoltage protection, voltage protection, overvoltage protection, overload/short circuit protection, overheating protection, overcharging protection

Technical information:

Pure sine wave
Continuous power 1000 W
Short-term peak power 2000W
DC input voltage (DC) 12V
AC output voltage (AC) 230V (220V-240V)
2 x USB Connector