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HALLAVA™ Air Aluminum 2kW diesel air heater

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Ships October 3, 2023
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24-month warranty

High-quality aluminum housing

All Hallava™ heaters use the aluminum Hallava™ Air heater unit. The aluminum case is more durable and does not melt like plastic. This allows for safer and cleaner air to breathe.

Hallava™ Super X 2.0 fuel pump

All Hallava™ air heaters use the Hallava™ Super X 2.0 diesel pump, which is approx. 25% quieter than commonly used fuel pumps. In addition, the oil pump automatically shuts off if the oil flow is interrupted for more than 40 seconds.

Full installation kit

All Hallava™ portfolio diesel heaters include a complete installation kit, so you don't need to purchase anything else to install the unit.

Fuel lines

We have tested several fuel hoses and selected the best options for briefcase models. The fuel line should be flexible enough to prevent leaks inside the bag, but at the same time snappy enough. We do not use the too loose green hoses on the market.


Hallava's fuel-powered air heaters are suitable for many different purposes, such as heating the interior of a car, the trunk of a van, a motorhome, a mobile home, a warehouse, a garage, a greenhouse or other cool work spaces.

2 year warranty

A two-year factory warranty guarantees a good purchase decision. If necessary, spare parts directly from Hallava's warehouse, or else the product will be replaced with a new one.


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