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Barzetta GTR 7x16 4x100 38

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The Barzetta GTR is an extremely attractive and sporty novelty.
The signature details of the stylish matte black rim are the red speed stripe behind the sides, realized with new technology, as well as the polished central area, which stands out wonderfully, especially in motion. Barzetta GTR is the right choice when you want to emphasize the sportiness and performance of your car.
Note In order to achieve the best possible strength, the rim has stronger than usual narrow bolt holes. For this reason, special star or hex bolts or nuts are used in the rim, which are supplied with the rims. Thanks to the special bolts, you also don't need separate lock bolts or nuts.
The rim has a double split 4x100/4x114. 3
Choose Barzetta when you demand the best!

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Free delivery for orders over €100*

We offer free delivery for orders over €100*

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