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Container IcePaw 225/50-17 Winter tires

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Kontio IcePaw - suomalaista insinöörityötä

With the power of over 1,000 KontionKynnen™ – unprecedented grip with the world's largest number of studs

Kontio IcePaw is a new, 100 percent designed in Finland, premium studded tire with 270 studs, i.e. KontionKynttä™ in size class 205/55R16. Kontio IcePaw has the most pins in the world. Kontio Icepaw offers unprecedented grip - the world record for the number of studs is now broken and safety is guaranteed.


Kontio IcePaw - Markkinoiden suurimmalla nastamäärällä 


Kontio IcePaw - tienkuluminen graafi

With a larger number of studs, better grip and lower road wear  

Despite the large number of studs, the Kontio IcePaw consumes the road surface less. Thanks to modern tire technology, the Kontio IcePaw is quiet and offers extreme grip in the challenging winter conditions of the North, as well as saving tax money on road maintenance expenses. 


On the steps between the tire blocks, the tire has been stiffened so that lateral grip improves on asphalt and snow. The steps hold the pattern pieces of the tire surface tightly together, so the tire's road contact is optimal in curves and dodging situations, and there is no swaying and instability.


 Kontio IcePaw - rengaspalojen väliset portaat



Kontio IcePaw - sivuttaispitosärmät



The tyre's technologically advanced lateral grip edges provide even more grip on snow. This guarantees a stable driving feel and controllability. First-class lateral grip is needed, especially when cornering.





KontionKynsi-nastaThe KontionKynsi™ steel-framed premium stud bites into the ice like a cleaver

Kontio IcePaw's stud hole and its circumference are designed for KontioKyntő to achieve the best grip. The compatibility of the stud hole and the KontionKynne together guarantees the impact of a special stud on the ice. 

The KontionKynsi is a premium class steel body special stud, not aluminum like the usual 2-flange studs. Thanks to the steel frame and 3-flange, the stud stays upright better and its service life is extended as the studs stay stuck in the tire. The small tip of the stud wears the road less and bites the ice better. 


Kontio Pure Ice™ is a special rubber compound designed for the Nordic winter


The Kontio Pure Ice™ special shock mixture uses organic and environmentally friendly rapeseed oil, so that the tire's grip remains excellent even in severe frosts: the rubber does not stiffen but remains flexible. Flexibility is a guarantee of good grip, and rapeseed oil gives a better and more flexible tire for winter conditions than using harmful oils.



Mathematical placement of pins in different lines using algorithms


With the mathematical placement of the studs in 48 different lines, it is possible to optimize the studs' bite into untouched ice. Algorithms made possible by artificial intelligence have been used in the placement of the studs, based on which the best possible tire grip has been analysed.

Kontio IcePaw - nastalinjat

The acoustically optimized surface structure of the tire keeps the tire quiet and pleasant to drive despite the large number of studs.


By varying the order and size of the tire pieces, a quiet and pleasant tire is created.


Kontio IcePaw - rengaspalat


Kontio IcePaw - graafi



Only the pin guarantees safety

Kontio IcePaw studded tire was compared in Lapland on Test World's test track. At the point where the Kontio IcePaw stopped from a speed of 100 km/h, the best friction tire on the market traveled another 55 km/h and went 83 m further.




A container of IcePaw comes out like a cannon

Kontio IcePaw was the best studded tire in terms of ice acceleration in the most recent Test World magazine test. Among others, the latest models from Nokia and Continental were left behind. A container of IcePaw goes out like a cannon, and doesn't get stuck at a crossroads.


Kontio IcePaw - jääkiihdytys 

    The test was published in Nordic car magazines in autumn 2020.



Kontio IcePaw - TestWorld Ivalo 


Even the best stud, such as KontionKynsi, alone is not enough for top grip. An excellent pattern is also required for top grip. Kontio Renkaat designed and thoroughly tested different patterns until the best pattern for the demanding winter conditions in the North was found. The pattern was tested countless times in Finnish and Swedish Lapland, both indoors in the summer and outdoors in the winter. Tests were carried out around the clock also on bare roads in autumn and spring.


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