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Lappi Jää-Ahma 215/55-16 Winter tires

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Lappi Jää-Ahma is a completely new, super affordable studded tire for Nordic winter conditions. The Lappi Jää-Ahma has more excellent grip thanks to the Lappi Shuriken® special studs and the unique Lappi Arctic Ice™ special impact mixture.

The Lappi Arctic Ice™ special impact compound has been developed for the variable winter conditions of the North - it works best on snow and ice, in the coldest and most demanding conditions. On cold and wet asphalt, Lappi Arctic Ice™ also offers excellent safety. Instead of harmful oils, genuine rapeseed oil has been used in the Lappi Arctic Ice™ mixture, which provides a biting grip on ice and snow in the cold and reduces emissions. The incomparable Arctic Ice rubber compound together with the extremely grippy Shuriken special studs make the Lappi Jää-Ahma an excellent winter tire.

The Lapland Ice Wolverine bites into the ice like a wolverine's sharp claws. Jää-Ama's "claws" are the unique Lappi Shuriken® special pins. Shurike's special studs provide up to 15% better grip on ice. In the new Lappi Jää-Ahma, better than usual grip and a super affordable price are everything.


Up to 5% better ice braking with Lappi Jää-Ahma!
Tire testing professional BD Testing Oy tested Lappi Jää-Ahma and Nexen Winguard WinSpike WH62 studded tires. Lappi Jää-Ahma had 96 special Shuriken pins. The Nexen had 190 standard pins. In the final result of the test, Lappi Jää-Ahma was 5 percent better in ice braking than Nexe. Lappi Shuriken ® special steel and Lappi Arctic Ice™ special impact compound guarantee extreme winter grip and controlled safety.



The TM test praised Lappi Jää-Ahma's snow grip

In its winter tire test (November 27, 2019), Tekniikan Maailma praised the Lappi Jää-Ahma's snow grip as excellent. In snow braking, Lappi Jää-Ahma was almost half a meter better than Continental and was only 10 centimeters behind Michelin in braking distance. "If you keep up with these two powerhouses, the performance is good compared to any other tire," says TM.

TM saw the price of Lappi Jää-Ahman as particularly positive, which was more than half cheaper than the control tires from Michelin and Continental. When measuring tire noise, Lappi Jää-Ahma shared the top spot with Continental and was even quieter than Michelin. Lappi was also better than Michelin when it came to braking on wet asphalt.


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Free delivery for orders over €100*

We offer free delivery for orders over €100*

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