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Linglong GreenMax EcoTouring - Great customer satisfaction! 175/70-14 Summer tires

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Linglong GreenMax EcoTouring – safe and quiet

Excellent driving characteristics, operational reliability even in demanding summer conditions and quiet tire noise make Linglong EcoTouring reliable and popular. GreenMax EcoTouring is a safe summer tire that combines the best features of modern tire technology: driving comfort, safety and durability.

Dazzling customer satisfaction at Linglong

The customer satisfaction of Linglong tires proves to be excellent in the measurement carried out in Finland. As many as 66% of respondents state that Linglong tires exceeded expectations either clearly (41% of respondents) or slightly (25%). Only 3% are disappointed.


In particular, the tires are praised for their price-quality ratio, with an average rating of 4.5, with a maximum of 5. The dry grip (4.4/5) also gets an excellent rating. The other properties of the tire receive very good ratings across the board. Those who bought Linglong once will buy Linglong in the future. As many as 86% plan to keep Linglong on their shopping list in the future, either definitely (51%) or probably (35%). Only 2% declare that they will stick to other brands in the future.

Below are the comments about the tire received in Linglong's large customer satisfaction survey conducted in Finland:

"Absolutely unbelievable tires for the price, I'll buy the next ones in the spring for another car. You don't even have to think about others"

"Simply unbelievably good, it's hard to imagine that I would switch to any other brand."

"In terms of price-quality ratio, the best tire at the moment."

"Doesn't compare to the so-called top tires at all, I will definitely continue to buy."

"Green Max is really a good value-for-money tire alongside so-called premium brands, but at more than half the price. I sincerely recommend you try it and be surprised!"

"Apparently you can get good things for cheap"

"I use linglongs in all my cars these days, both as summer and winter tires, as winter tires they are not quite as good as the more expensive ones, when starting off on ice the stud does not bite perfectly, but as a summer tire very good. I am very satisfied with the price/quality ratio."

"A very good tire, especially for the price/quality ratio."

"I have been very satisfied with the tires, even though I was prejudiced against Chinese tires."

"The price-quality ratio is right. I think they are excellent tires for the price. The tire noise was not disturbing, as is usually the case with inexpensive tires, and the grip was good in the dry and also good in the wet. I will probably buy my next summer tires from Linglong."

"They drive well both in the wet and in the dry, the noise level is reasonable, I think the wear resistance is good."

"Good and Cheap tires -- there could be even more sizes!"

"I got 18-inch rims, and by chance I ended up with LingLongs in the spirit of experimenting, as they were clearly cheaper than other manufacturers. In addition, the decision was influenced by other published positive reviews of that tire set. So far, I have been very satisfied with the tire noise, which I assumed would be a little higher with the 225/45 profile Fuel consumption has also remained almost unchanged."

"I wanted to buy because of the affordable price. I will buy other similar ones if the price remains affordable."

"Good tires for cheap"

"Despite the funny name (or because of it..) good tires for the price! I recommended Linglongs to my friend and now he has the same ones below :)"

"Very good. Price-quality comparison, the best tires I've used."

"Very good summer tires for the price!"

"A pleasant surprise and I have been very satisfied"

"Cheap and of the same quality, if not better, than the louder, more expensive so-called top tires"

"Price meets quality even in larger size categories. :)"

"At first I had some doubts about a completely unknown tire brand, but based on the results of the tests, I decided to take the risk and I was very positively surprised. I haven't had any problems with summer tires in any weather conditions. Next, I have to buy studded tires, and Linglong seems to be the only sensible choice."

"Just like Nokia"

"I am very satisfied."

"Excellent price-quality ratio and the profile of the tire is made to look just like a tire.. Even two neighbors bought the tires already on my recommendation.."

"Good tires, I will buy others"

"Good price/quality ratio."

"Definitely the best Chinese tires I've come across. The grip exceeded expectations both in the wet and in the dry. The only minus is the tire's slow maneuverability. I've recommended it to many people and others have been satisfied too!"

"Really good for the price."

"Good tire for a good price, can't complain, works well at least under the Volvo."

"Absolutely incredible price/quality ratio :D"

"A good and competitive tire."

"Excellent tire." 

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