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Nankang CX-668 Comfort Grip 155/80-12 summer tires

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Nankang CX-668 ominaisuudet In the design of the Nankang CX-668 Comfort Grip, special attention has been paid to excellent driving comfort and quiet tire sounds, as well as reliable and safe grip in both dry and wet weather.

  • Four wider longitudinal grooves improve wet grip and prevent aquaplaning.
  • Narrower longitudinal grooves on the edges distribute and equalize lateral forces, thus reducing uneven wear and extending service life.
  • Ola's thin lamellar grooves are designed to minimize tire noise.
  • The pattern of the tire, consisting of small pattern pieces, produces the best possible driving comfort and quiet sound.

Taiwanese Nankang is one of Asia's oldest and most traditional tire manufacturers, whose know-how and technology are at the top of their field. For a long time, Nankang has tried to invest primarily in the quality of its tires, the principle has been that Nankang tires not only meet, but also exceed all modern requirements. Nankang tires can withstand comparison with tires from any other manufacturer.


Nankang CX-668 ominaisuudet


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Free delivery for orders over €100*

We offer free delivery for orders over €100*

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