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Nankang Sportnex AS-2+ TM and Windscreen test success 275/30-21 Summer tires

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The Nankang Sportnex AS-2+ is a true winner in the water environment. The wonderful test results in both Windshield and Tekniikan Maailma show that Nankang is the best in the tire world, but still at an affordable price.


Nankang Sportnex AS-2+ TuulilasiFourth place and a wonderful 8.6 points in Tuulilasi's big summer tire test

Nankang Sportnex AS-2+ placed excellently fourth in the tire test conducted by Tuulilasi (Tuulilasi 3/2017). Nankang did particularly well in the rainy weather. The windshield said about Nankang: "Especially the good grip in the wet is pleasing. In the rain, the driving behavior is commendably neutral." Nankang was equally successful in other areas as well, getting a grade of at least eight in each measurement. As a result of the consistent performance, the overall score was only half a point short of the test win.

"The inexpensive Nankang surprised with its improved grips"

Nankang was clearly the cheapest tire in the test, which Tuulilasi also drew attention to. The windshield said that the Nankang was up to 50 euros cheaper than the second cheapest tire in the test, and the most expensive tire was as much as 79% more expensive than the Nankang. Despite this, Nankang was an excellent fourth in the test, just half a point short of the test win. However, the essentially cheaper price than the others was not taken into account in the scoring.


nankang_as2_tuotesivu.jpgExcellent success in Tekniikan Maailma's big summer tire test

Nankang Sportnex AS-2+ is a real winner of Tekniikan Maailma's (8/2016) summer tire test, which fared very well among significantly more expensive brand tires. In the final result, the grade difference between Nankang and Michelin is only 0.4 points. Nankang gets a school rating of 8.1 and Michelin 8.5. The difference is very small.

The result is a treat for all motorists who want to buy summer tires at a lower price and trust that they will get safe tires. The Tekniikan Maailma test primarily emphasizes the safety of summer tires. Nankang receives praise especially for safety-related components, such as wet grip and drivability in dry conditions. 

Nankang's wet braking is good

Nankang's braking grip in the wet gets a rating of 9, while for example Michelin's result is 8. Nankang is also better than Michelin when braking in the dry. Nankang and Michelin get the same grades for wet handling and dry handling. 

Excellent design guarantees a safe end result 



eco2tuvmark_1.jpgAS-2 Sportnex also performed well in the tests performed by the prestigious TÜV SUD test facility. In the test, the tire is driven against three leading tire brands by comparing e.g. dry and wet grip, ride feel, sound level and rolling resistance.

The AS-2 Sportnex was awarded the TÜV SUD quality mark after a very successful test. 

Check out the test report here


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