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Cordless machines, i.e. battery-powered power tools, make it easier to perform many tasks. Every handyman and do-it-yourselfer knows that things are best done with power tools. Power tools are often quite necessary in the implementation of a challenging project. In our selection, you will find affordable and high-quality battery-powered power tools for many needs.

Cordless power tools offer many advantages and their use makes it easier to complete all kinds of projects - both large and small. They allow you to perform more specialized tasks and work with a wide variety of materials. You are not dependent on the proximity of an electrical outlet. With battery-powered power tools, you can do precise work anywhere efficiently and with less effort. With battery-powered tools, you can handle almost any DIY project with ease.

Check out our wide selection of battery powered machines - with us you'll find the cheapest prices in Finland and you'll always get free delivery.