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Frequently asked questions about diesel heaters

What is the difference between GSM and Bluetooth phone control?

The GSM diesel heater has a sim card, which allows the phone and the heater to communicate. You can turn the GSM heater on and off from anywhere.

With Bluetooth control, you can control the heater only within the bluetooth range.

How much fuel and electricity does a diesel heater consume?

Fuel consumption: About 0.1l/h per kW

Power consumption: 40W

What are the applications of diesel heaters?

Diesel heaters are suitable for many different uses. The most popular destinations are e.g. cars, mobile homes, garages, cottages, motorhomes, boats, greenhouses, work machines, etc.

Can I connect the diesel heater to the mains (230V)?

Yes! You only need a 12V-230V transformer as an accessory.

What size space can be heated with a diesel heater?

2kW 20㎡,  5kW 40㎡, 8kW 60㎡

Can I heat several different rooms with one diesel heater?

Yes you can! As an add-on, you need an air distribution package , which you can use to divide the air into two different spaces.

The Hallava Aircase model has four different air inlets as standard, from which you can easily distribute the air to up to four different rooms.

What is the difference between a diesel air heater and a liquid heater?

With a diesel air heater, you can heat the air in the interior, while with a water-circulating liquid heater, you can heat, for example, the engine and the interior.

How do Nordkapp and Hallava heaters differ from "Chinese" (Vevor, Hcalory, etc.) diesel heaters?


Although Hallava and "Chinese" diesel heaters may look similar externally, there are significant differences between them. The specialty lies in e.g. in the heater unit. Hallava Air heaters are designed to meet the tests that require type approval. They have been tested and received Type Approval (E24) in the European Union. Basic Chinese diesel heaters do not meet these standards, which is why there is no corresponding approval. 

Nordkapp heaters also have E24 type approval.

Nordkapp diesel heaters have GSM phone control, so you can control the heater from anywhere.


Hallava and Nordkapp offer a two-year warranty on their heaters, while Chinese heaters usually only offer a one-year warranty. Hallava and Nordkapp spare parts and maintenance services are located in Finland, so you can get help quickly and easily if you need it.


Hallava and Nordkapp use the best fuel hoses, specially designed with the requirements of each device in mind. The Chinese heater uses green fuel hoses that are too loose.


Hallava and Nordkapp heaters generally use higher quality parts, which makes them more durable and quieter. For example, the fuel pump is designed to work more quietly, which improves the user experience. In Nordkapp heaters, the fuel pump is even quieter than in Hallava.

Staff Recommendation:  Buy Nordkapp or Hallava and pay a little more.