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On this page you will find manuals for our products

In addition, Finnish language instruction manuals, which can be found in electronic format, have been added. In most products, a Finnish instruction book is included in the packaging. If you cannot find the instructions here and it is also missing from the package, please contact our customer service at

Diesel heaters

Nordkapp Air FI

Nordkapp Cube FI

GSM 4G/5G Control panel and phone FI

Bluetooth Control Panel + instructions for downloading the application 

Nordkapp Aqua 5kW & 12kW FI

Nordkapp Aqua 5kW Control panel

Nordkapp Aqua 12kW Control panel

Chinese diesel heaters (Vevor, Hcalory etc.)

Instruction manual

Screens and remote control

Electric bikes

General instruction

Control panel help

Gear adjustment

On the Gunai YouTube channel, you can find assembly and maintenance videos for everything you need

Cordless tools and batteries

Electric saw operating instructions

Electric saw assembly video

Milton Real capacity-akut