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Every homemaker and do-it-yourselfer knows that some tasks require too much time and energy to do by hand. Power tools are often necessary to complete a challenging project. There are many different types of power tools on the market, and different tools can be found for many different needs.

Regardless of the intended use, there are many advantages to using power tools. In this article, we will tell you about the differences between cordless, i.e. battery-powered, and corded power tools, as well as the four biggest advantages of these tools.

Battery-powered, i.e. cordless power tool or corded tool?

One of the most important decisions when looking for the right power tools is whether to choose a corded or battery powered tool. Many hand-held power tools are available in corded and cordless versions. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are important to consider when choosing a suitable tool for yourself.

Corded power tools offer good performance and efficiency, but always require a connection to an outlet to operate. Battery-powered power tools are thus more versatile because you can take them anywhere and use them out of reach of the power grid. However, you must remember to download them regularly.

When shopping for cordless tools, the three most important features you should look for are voltage, amperage, and battery capacity in kilowatt hours (kWh). Together, they determine how much charge the tool uses during use, how powerful the tool is and which battery packs the tool is compatible with . Many of our range of cordless tools are compatible with Makita 18V batteries.

Now we get to the reasons why you should choose an electric or battery-powered device instead of a manual tool!

The performance of power tools is better

You can often perform tasks with a power tool that you cannot do with a manual tool. Power tools enable, for example, the machining of particularly hard materials, such as metal or concrete. Most power tools have a lot of adjustments and settings that allow for more efficient use and control of the device for various tasks. Power tools perform the same functions as hand tools with significantly less effort and energy, so you have enough strength to work throughout the day.

The speed and efficiency of electricity and battery-powered tools.

Power tools may ultimately produce better results than hand tools, but they also perform the same tasks in significantly less time. Consider that a drill can complete a task in minutes that might take hours with a manual drill or hammer and nails. Some power tools even have features that reduce human error and provide consistency and efficiency, making projects even faster. With tools that work faster, you can better focus on important tasks and get things done better in less time.

Power tools are more accurate

Sometimes you need a really precise and powerful tool to make a straight cut in wood at the right angle or to drill a hole in a concrete slab to exactly the right depth. With greater power, consistency and adaptability, power tools can perform a variety of tasks with greater precision.

For example, with table saws, you can make an even, straight cut at the exact angle you need much more easily than with a traditional hand saw. It is also possible to transport the table saw to the job site when the job requires sawing a large amount of wood. The benefits of a battery-powered hand-held electric saw are similar, but its portability further improves the tool's ropeability and flexibility. These tools combine power and precision and allow you to perform fine details even in tight spaces. Battery-powered and electric sanders also offer very precise final results, which would require incredible patience and endurance to achieve by hand.

Using power tools is more comfortable

When the many features of power tools are combined, their biggest advantage is convenience. Most power tools are portable, so you can take them anywhere in the woods, on a boat, or on a job site. Hand-held power tools are versatile and work well in hard-to-reach places, which makes it easier to work in tight spaces.

When you use a tool that performs tasks quickly and accurately, you can save time and energy and move on to the next task, getting more done in a short amount of time. Power tools are a great addition to a variety of work spaces, such as the garage, and offer a faster, cleaner, and easier-to-use alternative to hand tools, allowing you to complete the same tasks with less mess and less effort.

With a battery-powered machine, a do-it-yourself project is completed with less effort.

Overall, cordless tools offer a wide range of benefits and are an excellent choice for any project - both large and small. They allow you to perform specialized tasks and work with a wide variety of materials. These tools allow you to work anywhere and produce highly accurate results. Finally, they perform the same functions as hand tools much more efficiently and with less effort. Cordless machines allow you to complete almost any DIY project anywhere much more easily.

Always remember to also take good care of your devices. If you store a battery-powered device in a cold warehouse or outside in a workshop, always bring the device and batteries inside before the frost hits . Batteries suffer in cold and damp conditions, and in winter frost can easily damage them. It is also good to note that in batteries that have not been used for a longer period of time, it would be good to keep only about 40% charge, because it extends the life of the battery.