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Plasmaleikkurit - miten ne toimivat ja mitä niillä tehdään? -

Plasma cutters - how do they work and what can be done with them?

With plasma cutters, you can cut metal as easily as you would cut butter with a hot knife. Plasma cutters are very efficient and cut metal material of different thicknesses precisely, quickly and reliably. Plasma cutters are used, for example, in industry, car repair shops, welding shops and industrial construction.
Polttoainekäyttöinen lämmitin auttaa autoilijaa talvella

Fuel-powered engine heater - what is it and what are its benefits?

A fuel-powered engine heater is a heating system permanently installed in the car. The engine heater is an excellent device for the cold Finnish winter. You can sit directly in a warm car and start driving. Read more about the operation and benefits of the engine heater.
Sähköpyörä ja sen akku - miten huolehdit sähköpyörästäsi kun talvi tulee? -

Electric bike and its battery - how do you take care of your electric bike when winter comes?

One of the few things that can negatively affect the operation of lithium-ion batteries is the cold, so you should be especially careful with lithium-ion batteries in winter.

With a few simple measures, you can protect your battery and extend the life of your e-bike battery. In this article, we will tell you how cold weather affects electric bike batteries and how to store, maintain and charge an electric bike battery.

Sähköpyörän hankinta -

Purchase of an electric bike

The popularity of e-bikes has grown considerably recently, but what are the pros and cons? We go through the most common ideas about electric bikes and give advice on what to consider when choosing a model. An e-bike is quite a big investment, but if you find the right one, you will get a reliable and comfortable means of transport that you can enjoy for many years.
Aurinkopaneelit |

The solar panel brings electricity everywhere

Solar panels make it possible to use electricity anywhere. Solar electricity is clean and renewable energy, so solar panels are very ecological. Due to their low operating costs, they are also very economical.
Invertteri | Puhdas siniaalto | AC/DC

An inverter converts electricity into a usable form

An inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC, direct current) into alternating current (AC, alternating current). Inverters convert 12V or 24V battery voltage into 230V alternating voltage, making...
Akkuporakone |

Winter storage of batteries

Proper storage of batteries extends their service life. Lithium-ion batteries in battery tools, garden machines and also electric bicycles must be stored indoors in winter frosts, because cold and frost can ruin the battery. Read the whole story on the blog!

Akkuporakone |

Four good reasons to choose a power tool

Every homemaker and do-it-yourselfer knows that some tasks require too much time and energy to do by hand. Power tools are often necessary to complete a challenging project. Regardless of the intended use, there are many advantages to using power tools. In this article, we will tell you about the differences between cordless, i.e. battery-powered, and corded power tools, as well as the four biggest advantages of these tools.