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With a plasma cutter, you can cut metal as easily as you would cut butter with a hot knife. They are very efficient and cut metal material of different thicknesses precisely, quickly and reliably. Plasma cutters are used in industry, car repair shops, welding shops, industrial construction, scrapping, restoration and, for example, in rescue operations.

Due to its high speed and accuracy, as well as its low cost, plasma cutting is very widely used in a wide variety of applications and therefore has become very popular.

In this article, we will tell you what plasma cutting is, how it works and what are the benefits of this gadget.

Plasma cutter operation

The operation of the plasma cutter is based on an electrical channel through which the ionizing gas enters the cutter. The process is accomplished by blowing pressurized gas through a central nozzle at a very high speed.

An electric arc is created inside the gas, which produces very high heat. The combination of high heat and pressurized gas blows away some of the metal and separates the two pieces.

Efficient plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is used effectively for both thin and thick metals. Smaller machines can cut metal with a thickness of about 38 mm, and larger computer-controlled machines with a thickness of up to 150 mm.

Curved or angular metal is very easy to cut with a plasma cutter. The extremely hot focused beam makes the plasma cutter a very useful tool.

Safety of plasma cutters

The beam of the plasma cutter is very powerful and can cause great damage to eyes, for example. Remember to keep safety in mind and make sure before starting plasma surgery that you are properly protected.


- Eye protection with UV protection
- Face shield
- Protective or leather gloves
- Flame resistant Apron or jacket

The challenges of a plasma cutter

Unfortunately, a plasma cutter is often more expensive than an angle grinder normally used for metalworking. However, a plasma cutter can cut metal into any shape, but an angle grinder cannot.

The nozzle of the plasma cutter is a wearing part, so it must be replaced regularly. Care must also be taken to avoid the nozzle coming into contact with the workpiece.

Advantages of plasma surgery

Although there are potential disadvantages, the advantages of plasma surgery outweigh them.

Curved metal, uneven corners, small or large cuts, the plasma cutter can do it all. Only electricity and compressed air are needed to operate the machine, the rest takes care of itself.

The efficient and affordable plasma cutter in's selection is not only suitable for do-it-yourself use, but also meets the requirements of professional operators. Get to know the plasma cutter and its features >>

Frequently asked questions

What can plasma cutters cut?

The plasma cutter cuts metal of different thicknesses precisely, quickly and reliably. It can be used to cut curved metal, uneven corners, all kinds of small or large cuts.

How should you protect yourself when doing plasma surgery?

Carefully protect the face and eyes with a mask and UV protection. Put on at least leather gloves and a flame-resistant apron or jacket.