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An inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC, direct current) into alternating current (AC, alternating current). Inverters convert 12V or 24V battery voltage into 230V alternating voltage, making it suitable for the needs of mains powered electrical devices.

The more powerful the inverter, the more powerful and the more devices you can charge at the same time. In our selection you will find a wide selection of different inverters at the best price.

Application areas of the inverter

The inverter is also used to convert the direct electricity produced by the solar panels into alternating electricity for use in the electricity grid. An inverter is a handy device for e.g. a car, caravan, boat, cabin or camping trip, when mains power is not available and you need electricity for e.g. phone charging or refrigerator use. With the help of an inverter, you can use normal household appliances and devices with solar electricity. You can use the devices, for example, in a car or a boat, or in the solar power system of a summer cottage, for example .

Modified sine wave or pure sine wave?

The inverter produces either a modified sine wave, which is suitable for basic electrical devices, or a pure sine wave. A pure sine wave inverter produces a current that fully corresponds to the mains current and is therefore suitable for all devices that use mains power. A sine wave inverter is used, for example, in an ambulance, when electricity is needed to operate sensitive and demanding electronic devices. Fluorescent tubes, for example, also require a pure sine wave inverter.