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Solar panels use the sun's rays to produce inexpensive electricity anywhere. Solar electricity is clean and renewable energy, so solar panels are very ecological. Due to their low operating costs, they are also very economical. Although the sun doesn't always shine in Finland, efficient solar panels work well even in northern conditions.

A solar panel is a great way to bring electricity to places where it is not normally available from the electricity grid. Install solar panels in a cabin, motorhome or boat and you can use solar electricity anywhere. In our selection you will find convenient and versatile flexible solar panels and more extensive solar panel systems.

Solar system operation

The photovoltaic system consists of a selected number of solar panels and an inverter. Solar panels collect direct current (DC) electricity from the sun. The inverter converts this direct current electricity into alternating current electricity (AC) suitable for the electrical grid.

When the inverter converts direct current electricity into alternating current electricity , it is ensured that the voltage does not rise above the 230V limit.


Solar electricity and savings

The price of electricity is talking a lot these days and the rise in prices is likely to continue. Solar electricity is free electricity, and the investment to access it is moderate. Cheap solar electricity is very attractive during high electricity prices. When you produce your own electricity, you avoid expensive electricity bills, electricity transfer fees and taxes.

Solar panel system costs

Switching to solar electricity is of interest to many consumers now more than ever. This is influenced by both the price of electricity and ecological arguments. Modern technology and the falling prices of solar panels have made them economically viable purchases. Saving and the possibility of own electricity production, also from an ecological point of view, has made many people consider and invest in solar electricity and solar panel systems.

Installing a solar panel system doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. By installing a multipurpose and flexible flexible solar panel system, you can start using even one 100W solar panel and increase the number of solar cells as needed. With it, you can comfortably illuminate a cabin without electricity with electric lights or charge various devices, such as a laptop and phone.


Frequently asked Questions

What is a flexible solar panel suitable for?

The flexible solar panel is light and durable and can be installed, for example, on the roof of a motorhome. Flexible solar panels are also suitable for boats, cabins and hikes. Depending on the number of solar panels, you can do well off the grid with the electricity they produce. Even with a 100W solar panel, you can charge a laptop, tablet or phone if mains electricity is not available.

What is included in the price of solar panels?

The price of the package includes an optional number of flexible solar panels as well as a charging controller and the necessary strings. The installation of the solar panel is quick, and you can take advantage of it right away.

What are the price and operating costs of a solar panel?

The purchase price of the flexible solar panel system is moderate and its use is free after purchase. As long as there is enough sun, the solar panel will provide you with electricity at no cost. Explore our entire selection of solar panels and save on electricity costs at the same time.