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Inverter 750W/1500W inverter, cigarette lighter and battery connection

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Inverter for car, cottage use, mobile home, solar panel or anything with a 12V battery. The inverter changes the 12V voltage into 230V voltage. This way you can charge e.g. your computer, camera, etc. anywhere.

The inverter has 230V sockets and 2xUSB connectors for e.g. phone charging.

Undervoltage protection, voltage protection, overvoltage protection, overload/short circuit protection, overheating protection, overcharging protection

Technical information:

Modified sine wave

Continuous power 750W

Short-term peak power 1500W

DC input voltage (DC) 12V

AC output voltage (AC) 230V (220V-240V)

2 x USB Connector

Color: Black

Warranty 12 months


1 x voltage transformer

Connection cable to the cigarette lighter

2 x connection cable to the battery