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LiFePO4 6Ah-200Ah Lithium battery, 12V & 24V + Charger

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Powerful LiFePO4 battery: high performance and durability

Limited time charger for all batteries over 30Ah!

The LiFePO4 6Ah-200Ah Lithium battery is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a reliable and durable power source. This battery is an excellent choice for a variety of applications such as solar power systems, boats, motorcycles, golf carts, RVs and many more. The battery is made of high-quality materials, so it is a safe, durable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional battery types.

Efficiency and performance

The LiFePO4 6Ah-200Ah Lithium battery is designed to provide high performance and excellent power for various applications. This battery offers long life and durability, making it an ideal choice for sustainable energy enthusiasts and professionals. You can be sure that this battery will perform optimally even in demanding conditions.

The lithium battery offers better efficiency and performance stability compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Its self-discharge rate is low, allowing the battery to be stored unused for more than a year, while a conventional lead-acid battery lasts for less than six months.

These cycle-resistant lithium-ion batteries are better than lead-acid batteries thanks to lithium-ion technology. They offer unlimited installation possibilities, exceptional durability and cost-effectiveness. Considering time and cost, lithium-ion batteries are always a cheaper option. In addition, lithium-ion batteries can be safer than lead-acid batteries because they are protected against ground-fault faults.

BMS (Battery Management System)

The battery has a built-in battery management system, i.e. BMS (Battery Management System), which acts as the brain of the cycle-resistant technology. BMS protects the battery from most damages such as temperature fluctuations and ground faults. It also regulates the amount of current drawn from the battery and acts as a shutdown system, protecting the lithium-ion cells and the user from hazardous conditions.

Easy installation and use

LiFePO4 6Ah-200Ah Lithium battery is easy to install and use. The battery is light and compact, so it can be easily installed in many different applications. In addition, the battery can be charged quickly and easily, which means that you do not have to wait for hours to charge the battery.

Environmental friendliness

LiFePO4 6Ah-200Ah Lithium battery is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional battery types. The battery uses renewable energy sources and is made of high-quality materials that do not harm the environment. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact and make sustainable choices.

Technical information:

Capacity: 6Ah 12Ah 30Ah 40Ah 60Ah 80Ah 100Ah 120AH 200Ah
Nominal voltage: 12V 24V
Maximum protection voltage: 14.6V 29.2V
Final voltage: 10V 20V
Battery material: Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
Certificates: CE, ROHS, MSDS, UN38.3
Upgraded part/equipment: A class
Voltage protection panel (BMS): Yes
Instantaneous discharge current: 6Ah≥12A, 12Ah≥24A, 30Ah≥60A, 40Ah≥80A, 80Ah≥160A, 100A≥200A, 120A≥240A, 200Ah≥400A
Continuous discharge current: 6Ah≥6A, 12Ah≥12A, 30Ah≥30A, 40Ah≥40A, 80Ah≥80A, 100A≥100A, 120A≥120A, 240Ah≥240A, 320Ah≥320A
Service life: 2000 cycles - 100%, 6000 cycles - 70%
Maximum charging current: 0.5C
Operating temperature : -20 ~ 60 ℃
Charging temperature: 0-~45℃

Warranty: 2 years

Dimensions and weights of batteries

12V 6Ah: 91*70*100mm, 660g
12V 10Ah: 152*66*94mm, 1040g
12V 12Ah: 150*98*94mm, 1360g
12V 30Ah: 168x127x177mm, 3.3kg
12V 40Ah: 238*172*221mm, 4kg
12V 60Ah: 238*172*221mm, 5.4kg
12V 80Ah: 260*172*224mm, 7.9kg

12V 100Ah: 352*174*190mm, 9.2kg
12V 100Ah: 332*176*220mm, 9.7kg

12V 120Ah: 393*174*190mm, 12.5kg
12V 120Ah: 332*176*220mm, 12.5kg

12V 200Ah: 525*230*220mm, 19.5kg

24V 40Ah: 260*172*224mm, 7.8kg
24V 60Ah: 332*176*220mm, 12.2kg
24V 80Ah: 525*230*220mm, 14.2kg
24V 100Ah: 525*230*220mm, 18.8kg