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Nordkapp™ Cube GSM 4G & 5G Diesel Air Heater 5kW & 8kW 12V/24V - 230V

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Type approved GSM Diesel Air Heater

Enjoy homely warmth wherever you are. The Nordkapp™ Cube GSM Diesel Air Heater offers a versatile heating solution for the road, a cottage or, for example, a garage.

Special features of Nordkapp™ heaters:

  • Ventilation mode: The device includes a ventilation feature, which allows air to circulate without using the heating function. This option is especially useful on hot days and also helps prevent moisture build-up. The property is perfect for motorhomes and caravans.

  • Start & Stop thermostat: The heater has a smart thermostat that automatically turns the heater off when it reaches the set temperature. It then activates itself when the temperature drops, ensuring constant heat and energy efficiency. Please note: In this model, the temperature sensor is located inside the heater, so the heater's start and stop temperatures may not exactly correspond to the room temperature. Use the app's "ambient temperature" function as a reference to set your startup and shutdown settings. If you need more precise temperature control or plan to use the heater in another room, you can add a new control panel with a temperature sensor to your shopping cart for a special price of €34.95 (normal price €59.95).

  • ECE R122 type approval: Also known as “E-mark”. This certificate shows that Nordkapp heaters are legally approved for installation in vehicles throughout Europe, meeting the strict requirements set by the EU.

Easy to install:

The Nordkapp™ Cube GSM Diesel Air Heater is easy to install. All the necessary parts are pre-installed, you just connect the air intake and exhaust pipes, and it's ready to use.

GSM control:

Control your heating from anywhere with a smartphone and SIM card. You conveniently turn the device on or off, adjust settings and monitor your heater remotely.

The heater works, for example, on Moi mobile's device network, the price of which is only €4/month*.

EU Tested & E Mark Type Approved:

The Nordkapp™ heater has been tested and type-approved in the EU, which indicates the product's quality and safety.

Choose the Nordkapp™ Cube GSM Diesel Air Heater when you want a modern, reliable and easy heating solution. 



  • Cube GSM heater
  • Exhaust pipes (for vertical and horizontal installation)
  • Imuputki
  • Heater pipe
  • Adjustable vent
  • Updated air filter
  • Silencer
  • Screws and accessories


  • Koko (S,K,L): 39,5 x 27 x 25,5 cm 
  • Power: 5kW or 8kW (depending on the model) 
  • Voltage: 12V, 24V, 220V (220V power supply not included)
  • Power consumption: 40W
  • 4G/5G
  • GSM phone control: nano-SIM (SIM card not included) Application price €1.99/month. The payment is made monthly
    .The heater works, for example, with a pre-shirt or device network, the price of which is only €1-4/month*.
  • Fuel consumption: About 0.1 l/h/kW
  • Air intake: 75 mm
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Heating power: 2kW 20㎡, 5kW 40㎡, 8kW 60㎡
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We offer free delivery for orders over €100*

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Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between GSM and Bluetooth phone control?

The GSM diesel heater has a sim card, which allows the phone and the heater to communicate. You can turn the GSM heater on and off from anywhere.

With Bluetooth control, you can control the heater only within the bluetooth range.

What are the applications of diesel heaters?

Nordkapp diesel heaters are suitable for many different uses. The most popular destinations are e.g. cars, mobile homes, garages, cottages, motorhomes, boats, greenhouses, work machines, etc. 

Can I connect the diesel heater to the mains (230V)?

Yes! You only need a 12V-230V transformer as an accessory.

Can I heat several different rooms with one diesel heater?

Yes you can! As an add-on, you need an air distribution package , which you can use to divide the air into two different spaces.

The Hallava Aircase model has four different air inlets as standard, from which you can easily distribute the air to up to four different rooms.

What size space can be heated with a diesel heater?

2kW 20㎡,  5kW 40㎡, 8kW 60㎡

What size heater is right for me?

Think about the size of the space the heater is going into and make a decision based on the following numbers:

2kW 20㎡,  5kW 40㎡, 8kW 60㎡

How long is the warranty on Nordkapp and Hallava Diesel heaters?

All Nordkapp and Hallava air heaters have a 2-year warranty and maintenance services in Finland.

How much fuel and electricity does a diesel heater consume?

Fuel consumption: About 0.1l/h per kW

Power consumption: 40W

ECE type approved

Type-approved heater in the European Union

Nordkapp Diesel heaters have been tested and type-approved in Europe, meeting all safety and quality requirements.


Connect to battery or power outlet

The heater can be connected to the mains using a Nordkapp transformer. In vehicles or out of reach of mains power, the device works with both 12V and 24V batteries.

Please note that the transformer is sold separately.

GSM control with a smartphone

Control your heater remotely from anywhere using your smartphone and SIM card.

Available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Nordkapp™ Super Silent fuel pump

Every Nordkapp heater has a Nordkapp™ Super Silent fuel pump, one of the quietest pumps on the market.

High-quality aluminum housing

The aluminum shell brings safety by preventing harmful emissions from entering the indoor air.

Easy to install

The Nordkapp™ Cube GSM heater comes with all the necessary parts pre-installed. You just connect the air intake and the exhaust pipe in place and the device is ready for use.

Fuel lines

The best possible fuel lines. The fuel line should be flexible enough to prevent leaks inside the bag, but at the same time snappy enough.


Nordkapp™ diesel heaters are designed to be suitable for heating many different objects, such as cars, cottages, garages, boats and warehouses.

2 year warranty

Two-year warranty, spare parts and maintenance services in Finland.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Tarja H.

Vielä vähän aikaa käytetty,jotenka vielä aikaista sanoa onko tuote hyvä, mutta siisti kyllä on.

Mikael Antero S.

Yllätys kuinka hyvä tämän hintaluokan laitteeksi, olen jo 2 kpl ostanut

Lauri M.

Vasta testailtu ja vaikuttaa oikein pätevältä laitteelta.

Voitto R.

Koe käytössä ei ongelmia,käyntiin lähtö heti kun sai pumpattua polttoaineen.Puhdas palaminen ei ongelmia talvilaadun dieselin kanssa.Ulkona ensimmäinen käynnistys jonka jälkeen autotallissa koekäyttö ja toiminnan seuraamista puolitoista kuukautta.Nyt asennettu mökille gsm ohjauksella,nämäkin toiminnot pelaavat moitteetta.Pariliitos puhelimeen ilman ongelmia kun ohjeita noudatta.Hyvältä vekottimelta vaikuttaa!

Esa L.

Toimii moitteettomasti 👍

Ari K.

Tosi hyvä laite ja helppo käyttää

Kari V.

Hyvän tuntunen

Marko G.

Hyvin pelittää varaston ja toinen autotallin lämmityksessä. Saa tarvittaessa nopeasti tilat lämpimäksi. Sovellukseen saisi olla tarkemmat ohjeet eri toimintoihin. Laitenetti liittymällä helppo käyttää puhelimella. Hyvä ostos!

Eero M.





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