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Flexible solar panel system 300w

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Flexible solar panel system

The flexible solar panel is very light and durable. You can install it completely inconspicuously, e.g. on the roof of a car, or keep the panel detached and move it according to the sunlight. Perfectly suited for e.g. motorhome, boat, camping, traveling, camping, etc. Included is a charging controller and the necessary strings.

Technical information:
Material: PET EVA & Monocrystalline
Size: 1050 * 530 * 2.5mm
Material: monocrystalline silicon
Max. Power: 100w/pc
Max power: 100w
Max power voltage: 16v
Maximum power current: 6.25 A
Open circuit voltage: 19.2V
Short circuit current: 6.68A
Weight: 1.9 kg

Package includes:
3 x Monocrystalline solar panel 100W
1 x 30A 12/24v charging controller
1 x MC4 cable
1 x battery cable with pike jaw

Warranty 12 months